Gold Award

The second highest award that is presented by Terrestres Servo Coronas is the Gold Award, reserved for individuals and organisations who have a long-term positive impact either singularly or as a group on the Commonwealth or one of our priority areas. The award is issued by the Chairman of Terrestres Servo Coronas on the advice of the Advisory Committee.

Title: The Gold Award
Grade: Second highest awarded honour of recognition within Terrestres Servo Coronas
Limited to: 10 awards per annum (after Foundation Awards issued in 2019)
Criteria for Award: The individual or organisation must have made a sustained positive impact on the Commonwealth or within an area of special interest to Terrestres Servo Coronas, normally for a period of no less than a decade in a senior or leadership role, or has significantly raised the prestige of projects which advance the objectives of the Commonwealth or the areas of special interest to Terrestres Servo Coronas.
Nomination Process:

Any member of the Advisory Committee is able to present a written letter outlining their request for a nominee to be considered at the next quarterly meeting of the Senior Advisory Committee Members. The letter must, at a minimum, outline the nominee’s name, contact details, office held and a rationale of no longer than two pages on why the nominee should receive the award.

 Any member of the public may also submit a letter of nomination which must also provide the aforementioned details.

 The potential awards of the Gold Award are discussed at the quarterly meeting of senior members of the Advisory Committee (the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Hon. Chaplain and at a minimum four other Advisory Committee Members).

Nomination Approval Process:

After detailed discussions regarding each nomination, there is a vote and should a majority vote in favour, the award is issued. In special circumstances the Chairman holds the ability to override the decision and award / not award the Gold award to a nominee.

Awarding Process:

Wherever possible the Award of the Gold Award will be presented to the individual or organisation in person by the Chairman of Terrestres Servo Coronas.

Role of Honour of recipients of The Gold Award





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