Awards - Terrestres Servo Coronas

Part of our ongoing commitment to our priority areas is to recognise organisations and individuals who have made a significant commitment to either the Commonwealth of Nations, the ideals of the Commonwealth or to the specific priority areas of Terrestres Servo Coronas.

The awards are presented in one of four levels depending on the level of commitment of the nominee to either the Commonwealth ideals or the areas we’ve chosen to prioritise, the lowest being the Bronze Award followed by the Silver Award, Gold Award and the Chairman’s Commendation being the highest. For further information on the criteria for each award, and to read the biographies of the recipients of each award, please click on one of the below links.

The second type of award presented by Terrestres Servo Coronas is our Memorial Awards. These awards are normally granted to individuals and organisations due to their level of excellence in a given field. Terrestres Servo Coronas sponsors these awards and has an Advisory Committee Member on the selection panel, though ultimately the decision normally resides with the partner organisation for that field of study. For more information on any of our Memorial Awards please click on the relevant link below.


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