About Us

Terrestres Servo Coronas is a not-for-Profit company, which was formed in 2016 as a limited-by-guarantee company and registered within England and Wales.

Formed by our Executive Chairman and major financial donor, Terrestres Servo Coronas supports worthy charities and projects within the Commonwealth that are of significant interest to our Executive Chairman.

These projects generally fall into one or more of the following categories: -

  • Promotion of heraldry and a strong foundational knowledge of the subject;
  • Protection of sites of historic interest;
  • Supporting veterans;
  • Advancement of scientific knowledge, particularly in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, aeronautics, space exploration and physics;
  • Advancement of medical research and awareness of neurological conditions;
  • Promotion of genealogical research; and
  • Supporting youth to better themselves through pursuit of entrepreneurship and/or employment.

Our Executive Chairman is supported by a volunteer advisory committee. We are currently in the process of appointing representatives from the United Kingdom, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Individuals from other Commonwealth countries interested in serving are invited to contact us.