Major Projects 2018

The Advisory Committee has decided to support the following major projects during 2018. Major projects are ones which directly align with the objectives of Terrestres Servo Coronas and have the potential to enable us to make significant progress towards meeting these objectives

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are honoured to be in a position to help these wonderful projects, charities and endeavours within the Commonwealth.

The Australian National Heraldry Museum - Commonwealth of Australia

To promote, educate and share knowledge about the wonderful science and art of heraldry is one of our core missions at Terrestres Servo Coronas. We are honoured to commit to fully funding this amazing project in Australia for a minimum of three years.

The Armorial - Commonwealth Wide

The Armorial is an international heraldic project designed to promote the better understanding of heraldry, and to increase the involvement of younger people (below 50 years of age) in the subject.

The College of Arms Foundation - United States of America

The College of Arms Foundation, based in the United States of America, is concerned with raising awareness of English heraldry within the United States whilst simultaneously raising funds for projects at Her Majesties College of Arms.

Church heraldry monument project - United Kingdom

In September 2017, we announced the launch of The Church Heraldry Memorial Project. This encompasses the digital storage of vast amounts of heraldry displayed in the churches of England, Wales and Scotland. The material will be uploaded into a dedicated database on The Armorial web site with e-books produced for each church and county. This project commenced in January 2018 at Exeter Cathedral in Devon and is working to review all church heraldry in Devon. Plans are underway to rollout the project throughout the United Kingdom.

The Mars Generation - Commonwealth Wide

Educating and bringing the love of science to the youth of the Commonwealth is one of our major areas of interest. STEM research and education is an area we are deploying our efforts in and are working with The Mars Generation in the United States. During 2017 we launched The Mars Generation UK in Kent.

The Joan & Reg Children’s Support - Ghana

Education and health are the backbone of ensuring that our youth within the Commonwealth have the opportunity to fully utilise their skills and abilities. It is important to us to help work towards improving not only their lives but also the lives of their communities. We are proud, not only to continue our support of this wonderful project in Ghana but also to ramp up our efforts during the coming year.