Major Projects 2017


During 2017, Terrestres Servo Coronas will be involved in the following major projects:-

Church Heraldry Memorial Project

In September we announced the launch of The Church Heraldry Memorial Project. This encompasses the digital storage of vast amounts of heraldry displayed in the churches of England, Wales and Scotland. The material will be uploaded into a dedicated database on The Armorial web site with e-books produced for each Church and county.

College of Arms Foundation – United States of America

We have committed £150 per month for 12 months, to fully fund a social / digital media campaign to raise awareness of the work of the College of Arms Foundation.

The King Kigeli V Memorial Foundation – Republic of Rwanda

We have committed to provide pro bono support services for charitable projects based in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. These projects are designed to help improve the lives of Rwandans living both in the Republic of Rwanda and globally.

The D Foundation – United Kingdom

During the months of January, February and March, we provided a range of advice related to the governance and fund raising for this charity. Their objectives are to help disadvantaged youth gain the skills and experience required to enter the creative arts industries within the United Kingdom.

The Armorial – Commonwealth wide

The Armorial is an international heraldic project designed to promote better understanding of heraldry, and to increase the involvement of younger people (below 50 years old) in the subject.

Lions Club International – Exeter Club – United Kingdom

We have committed to support their fundraising activities by arranging for people to collect used newspapers, magazines and other paper products, and deliver them to the club. The City Council of Exeter then donates £80 per tonne of paper collected.

The Australian National Heraldry Museum – Commonwealth of Australia

We have committed 100% of the funding, for a period of no less than three years, for the establishment and operations of The Australian National Heraldry Museum.

The Joan & Reg Children’s Support – Republic of Ghana

We have committed to a package of support for this new organisation, working to improve the lives of people living in rural Ghana. We have provided educational equipment to schools, health insurance for children without healthcare, sponsored the local children’s sports team, and provided a grant for IT services.