Major Projects 2016


A selection of the projects that we have supported during 2016.

College of Arms Foundation

During 2016, we donated the sum of approximately US$2,000 to support their charitable goals of raising funds for H.M. College of Arms in London.

King Kigeli V Foundation

During 2016, we donated the sum of approximately €1,000 to support their charitable goals, and provided a suite of in-kind support during the year.

Manchester Homeless Project

In December 2016, we made an undisclosed financial donation to purchase clothes and other necessities, to be placed in Christmas boxes for the city’s homeless.

The D Foundation

The D Foundation provides training and mentoring opportunities for young people looking to enter the creative arts industry within the United Kingdom. During 2016, we provided a suite of mentoring support and management support services to the charity.

The Commandery of the Avalon Charitable Trust

We provided a £100 donation to match funds collected during their Christmas collection (to a maximum of £100).

The Australian Heraldry Society

The Australian Heraldry Society exists to promote and educate individuals on Australian heraldry. During 2016, we provided a grant to cover part of the cost of a new website for the charity, to help it to achieve its goals.

The Armorial

The Armorial is an international heraldic project, designed to promote better understanding of heraldry, and to increase involvement of younger (below 50 years old), in the subject.